Know the Causes of Stomach Stomach Here

Causes of stomach twitching can vary, including because of muscle tension, dehydration, and consuming too much caffeine. A twitch on the stomach is usually not a sign of a serious medical condition. However, caution should be taken if the condition has begun to interfere with activities, especially if accompanied by the appearance of other symptoms, such as abdominal pain. Stomach twitching is a condition in which contractions occur in the abdominal muscles, or in the area of the gastrointestinal tract, such as the stomach and intestines. Twitching can feel mild to severe, and feels like stomach cramps. Twitches in the abdomen can also occur when there are irregular and uncontrolled small muscles in the abdomen, which are caused by stimulation or disorders of the nervous system, this condition is medically called fasciculation. Mild stomach twitches are generally not a worrying condition. However, severe twitching can be a sign of a serious medical condition. Recognize the Causes o
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